2016 Workplace Conference

The 2016 Workplace Conference presented by The Pittsburgh Experiment will be held Wednesday, November 9th at Rivers Club in Downtown Pittsburgh. 

tedOur keynote speaker and conference facilitator is Mr. Ted Kerr, President/CEO of Touchstone Capital, Inc. Ted founded his investment firm in May 2000, only to face the most challenging decade in the economy and the stock market since the Great Depression. Despite those difficult beginnings, Touchstone Capital became the fastest growing private financial company in the region. Ted is a dynamic speaker who has become a frequent presenter to business and non-profit groups in the region. He also appears regularly as a guest on T.V. and radio.

heibertDealing with Tragedy in the Workplace — Have you experienced a recent tragedy, perhaps the death of a co-worker, a large-scale layoff, or a serious operational challenge? Greg Heibert, President and owner of Sears Carpet Cleaning and Sears Garage Doors, was beset with unthinkable challenges on two separate occasions. First, his business was almost wiped out by a flood; then almost exactly ten years later, his company was nearly taken out by a fire. Mr. Heibert will address the challenges he faced during these two difficult periods in his professional life.

MelissaBioPicture1Sorting through Self-Doubt — Your problems may be your own doing, or they may be simply the harsh reality of life. Regardless, have you begun to doubt yourself and your abillty to make good decisions or positive progress in life? At the age of 26, Melissa Pearce went through a divorce, causing her to face feelings of confusion and doubt when it came to her own identity. Other difficulties arose, such as the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and the discovery of infertility, which challenged Melissa to face feelings of inadequacy and insignificance. Through each one of these circumstances, Melissa sought answers to perplexing questions, eventually arriving at a place of peace and wholeness. In 2010, Melissa started a non-profit company called Enduring Hope to help others who are struggling as she once did.


Due to a generous grant from the Norman Vincent Peale Foundation, the conference fee is just $25.

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Proposed Schedule

Wednesday, November 9th

Time / Session
7:45 am Registration and Breakfast
8:15 am Facilitator: Ted Kerr
8:35 am Presenter: Greg Heibert
9:00 am Group discussion
10:00 am Facilitator: Ted Kerr
10:20 am Presenter: Melissa Pearce
10:40 am Group discussion
11:30 am Lunch
12:30 pm Adjourn