The 2017 Workplace Conference presented by The Pittsburgh Experiment will be held Wednesday, April 26th at Rivers Club in Downtown Pittsburgh. 

tedheadshot2Our keynote speaker and conference facilitator is Mr. Ted Kerr, President/CEO of Touchstone Capital, Inc. Ted founded his investment firm in May 2000, only to face the most challenging decade in the economy and the stock market since the Great Depression. Despite those difficult beginnings, Touchstone Capital became the fastest growing private financial company in the region. Ted is a dynamic speaker who has become a frequent presenter to business and non-profit groups in the region. He recently published his first book, Killing Time-A Parable for the Present Age.

Natasha-GrantzA Changed Heart — Sometimes life is so hard that it's impossible to believe you can come out on the other side as a whole person. Natasha Grantz was 15 years old and not equipped to deal with her unplanned pregnancy. She and the baby's father intended to do the best they could to raise their new child, but life took yet another unexpected and even more tragic turn when the father was gunned down in a bar fight when Natasha was five months pregnant. Not knowing what to do, she began to write a series of letters to her son's dead father. Over a period of several years, she journaled in this same fashion in a cathartic attempt to try and get through the experience. Nearly fifteen years later, she found the letters while going through some old papers and realized how her life had totally turned around. She felt compelled to publish the letters as a book now that a new chapter of hope and happiness had been written in her life. The book is titled A Changed Heart and was released this past December.

rick-roadarmelExperiencing Tragedy in the Shadow of Success — Have you ever noticed that success often produces a feeling of invulnerability? It's not really a conscious decision. When you are successful, everything seems to go your way. And yet, tragedy falls upon the successful and unsuccessful alike. Rick Roadarmel received a lifechanging financial windfall when his company was bought out late in his career. An enjoyable retirement appeared to be all that lay ahead. But within 12 months, he was beset by two unexpected challenges. First, his son almost lost his life in an automobile accident. Then, just months later, Rick came down with a life-threatening infection that left him hospitalized, after which he endured two surgeries and a period of slow, painful physical rehabilitation. Rick's story demonstrates how the pinnacle of success can be quickly leveled and how he came to deal with the challenges he faced.


Due to a generous grant from the Norman Vincent Peale Foundation, the conference fee is just $25. The fee includes continental breakfast, a copy of Ted Kerr's book, Killing Time, a copy of Natasha Grantz's book, A Changed Heart, and lunch.

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Proposed Schedule

Wednesday, April 26th

Time / Session
7:45 am Registration and Breakfast
8:15 am Facilitator: Ted Kerr
8:35 am Presenter: Natasha Grantz
9:00 am Group discussion
10:00 am Facilitator: Ted Kerr
10:20 am Presenter: Rick Roadarmel
10:40 am Group discussion
11:30 am Lunch
12:30 pm Adjourn