On February 28, 2015, The Pittsburgh Experiment celebrated its 60th Anniversary at the Omni William Penn Hotel in Downtown Pittsburgh. Over 260 guests attended the gala event, which included a reception and silent auction followed by a full dinner program. At the end of the evening, we publicly announced our Skyline Vision. This page includes photos, audio recordings, videos, and other information pertaining to that wonderful celebration.

Audio Segments

Welcome (7 min) (Tom Petro and Kris Messner)
Invocation (2 min) (Susan Frederick)
For and With (5 min) (Dan Isadore)
I Stand By the Door (5 min) (John Stahl-Wert)
Emeriti Honors (9 min) (John Stahl-Wert)
Emeriti Speeches (12 min) (Judy Good Sherwood, Liz Tafel-Hurley, Susan James Zuk)
Keynote Speech (19 min) (Margaret Peale Everett)
Skyline Vision (12 min) (Ted Kerr)
Wrap-Up (12 min) (Tom Petro and Kris Messner) 

Video Segments

History (Featuring John Guest)

Mission (Featuring Racquel Montgomery)

Legacy (Featuring Ted Kerr and Joe Hines)

Vision (Featuring Sam Shoemaker, John Stahl-Wert)

Photo Gallery

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