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I’m Wandering

Consider this question: Do you know why you are visiting our website? It’s possible that you know exactly why you are here. But it’s also possible that you are simply wandering. Perhaps a co-worker or friend mentioned something about The Experiment to you, and you wanted to see what it’s about. Or perhaps you were referred to us by your manager, pastor or priest and don’t know why. Why are you here? If your answer is very simply: “I’m wandering,” then click here to learn more.

I’m Seeking

Why is life such a struggle? Is this all there is to success? Does anyone really care about my life? If you are seeking answers to some of life’s most perplexing questions, then you are in good company. The men and women of The Pittsburgh Experiment search for answers too. If someone asked you why you are visiting our website, and you responded: “I’m seeking help and answers to my problems,” then click here.

I’m Following

Those who have already made a decision to follow Jesus know that there is no such thing as a “Lone Ranger” Christian. We need each other because, quite frankly, life is tough. The workplace is especially tough because it presents so many challenges to our emotional and psychological health, our sense of integrity and purpose, and our personal and family relationships. How do you live as a person of faith in the workplace? If you would say of yourself “I'm following Jesus,” but you are struggling with how to apply that sentiment to your life, click here to find out more.