We will be racing the most advanced electronic kart available in the industry, the Sodi RTX. Utilizing a 20hp ENGEC electric motor (most gas karts use 5 or 9 hp engines) with all torque available immediately, the Sodi RTX will out accelerate any gas kart. The cars reach speeds up to 50 mph!!
With zero emissions, no impact will be made to the environment, and you won’t leave smelling like exhaust, gas or motor oil.


Sunday night, April 29th at 5:15 pm. We will be there 2-2.5 hours. Cost is $43 per person. Check out more information on their website at http://www.steelcityindoorkarting.com/arrive-and-drive.
They are located at 360 Mall Circle Drive, Monroeville, 151463
Please lock in your spot by emailing us at chris@pittsburghexperiment.org or calling or texting 412 334 3803. SPACES ARE LIMITED!