Lumberjack Games!
Ready to do something exciting and different! Then join us for a unique experience! Join us at LumberJaxes for an ax throwing competition!
What exactly are we doing???
LumberjAxes is Pittsburgh’s first competitive axe-throwing venue. Yes, competitive axe-
throwing is a thing. It’s huge in Canada. At their rustic warehouse in Millvale, adults of all skill levels can try their hand at it. You and your friends, coworkers, get a lane and take turns throwing at a target. It’s sort of like bowling, but without the silly shoes. And with way more axes.
Sunday night, February 25th at 5 pm. We will be there 2-2.5 hours. Cost is $35 per person. Check out more information on their website at
They are located at 2 Sedgwick St. Pittsburgh, PA 15209 (Entrance & Parking Lot in Rear at Farragut St & Black Alley)
Please lock in your spot by emailing us at or calling or texting 412 334 3803. SPACES ARE LIMITED!