You may feel as if you are moving through life without purpose, simply bouncing from one experience or relationship to another. If someone asked you, "Where are you headed?" You may respond "I'm wandering."

Life is often experienced in the moment as a series of unrelated events. Yet many people look back on their life and come to understand seemingly chance encounters as "meant to be." What we see at the time as a tangled web of yarn is actually a beautiful tapestry when turned over and seen from the proper perspective. But you are on this website, and you may not know why. Perhaps someone - a friend, co-worker, or pastor - recommended that you "take a look." Perhaps you read a blog entry or heard a message that led back to here. Whatever the reason for your visit today, we are glad you are here.

So what's next? How does this piece of yarn intertwine with the rest? There are a few ways that you can "wander with purpose." First, you can visit an Experiment Group. Second, you can participate in an upcoming Experiment Conference. But perhaps the easiest and quickest way forward is simply to contact us to talk further.