Leadership Toolkit

Click here to download the The Pittsburgh Experiment Leadership Toolkit. The contents are listed at the bottom of this page. Click here to view the Availability Prayer.

Through the years, many “how to” or “what about” questions have been asked concerning The Experiment groups. What follows are answers to those questions most consistently asked.

There are different kinds of small groups and in their variations they serve many purposes. There are different conditions under which groups begin and all kinds of methods used in getting them started and keeping them going. However, we are concerned herein only with the Experiment groups.

The small groups in the business community are the motivating and enabling centers upon which other ministries have been built (such as conferences, radio, counseling, involvement in socio/economic problems, local church support, etc.). Without them, The Experiment’s outreach within corporations and the city would collapse.

For the people of The Experiment to do the extraordinary things they do, requires that they be dependent upon a community of people committed to each other and to Jesus Christ. The Living Christ, through such groups, ministers to these individuals by refreshing them and infusing them with strength and power to be God’s people in the places where they invest their lives.

In 1952, the Experiment came into being to minister to people in the business and working community which it has through the years done consistently in accordance with its purpose. The effect of The Experiment ministry, however, has gone beyond the business and working community to touch people in all walks and conditions of life because its basic principles and methods can find application in anyone’s life especially those who dare to take God seriously. 

The Rev. Paul F. Everett + Executive Director Emeritus + The Pittsburgh Experiment


  1. It Started in Pittsburgh
  2. I Stand by the Door
  3. Get Changed, Get Together, Get Going

Getting Together - The Experiment Groups

  1. Their Importance
  2. The General Format
  3. Crucial Ingredients
  4. When the group grows too large
  5. Handling needs in the group
  6. What to do with problem people
  7. Between meetings
  8. Keeping the group alive

Starting Your Own Group

  1. Where do the people come from?
  2. Who'll lead the group?
  3. Should you invite the clergy?