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The 30-Day Prayer Experiment began with the Rev. Sam Shoemaker in the 1950s. He realized that many people felt that religion and the church did not relate to their lives. He got together with these disenchanted people in small groups and encouraged them to talk honestly about their doubts, unbelief, and daily struggles. Some had poor family or work relationships, financial troubles, or problems with anger or depression. He said, "I want to challenge you to an experiment in prayer. I want you to agree to pray every day for 30 days, for your particular need and in spite of your unbelief...I guarantee that within that time God will bring some kind of illumination to the thing that's troubling you."

In that same spirit, we trust that God will illumine the things that are troubling us now in every aspect of our city. We are embarking on a month of prayer over our city in what has become known as The Pittsburgh Prayer Experiment.


Monday, September 1st ~ The Pittsburgh Prayer Experiment begins on this day and continues daily until September 30th.

Tuesday, September 30th ~ Join us on Mt. Washington (by the flag pole) at 6:00 PM for a prayer gathering.  

Get Involved

Pray ~ Complete the online form to share your commitment to participate, and request a free copy of the Daily Prayer Guide to begin praying daily for our city.

Connect ~ Contact others in your business or social circles and encourage them to pray on the day dedicated to the area or aspect of the city closest to their heart (see the Areas of Focus for Prayer). Read the Doorkeeper Blog daily where you can share your experiences with others as you experiment. 

Gather ~ Tuesday, September 30th at 6:00 PM on Mt. Washington.  We will be praying over our city, and discussing God's provision during the month long experiment in prayer.