Daily Prayer Guide: Day 11

Praying for Marriages

Marriage is the keystone institution in God’s creational plan for humankind in society. It is the foundation of the family and the nurturing garden for children. In God’s plan for a culture the family is the means by which the knowledge of God is transmitted, and traditions of heritage are continued. God established the purposes and plans for marriage in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. There is no portrayal of a “perfect marriage” in Scripture. In fact, as in all of life, God’s grace shines brightly as the renewing glue for marriages. Many models and variations of marriage are pictured in the Bible, but certain foundational principles are clear, and provide the basis of praying for marriages. Let’s PRAY then for Marriages as the Bible has designed and defined them:

Praying God’s Purposes for Defining Marriages

Praying God’s Plans for Developing Marriages

Praying God’s Power for Maintaining Marriages

Keep praying for the marriages of your family and friends.


Cover Design by Vernon Franklin, Scripture quotations are from various translations
Published by Ernie Frederick Copyright @ 2013