Daily Prayer Guide: Day 2

Waves of Prayer Over Your City

Saturating Your City With Prayer can be done on a daily basis as commuters come into the city for work, shopping, recreation, special events. "Pray as you travel" can be a means of soaking the city by sending waves of prayer before you as you drive in cars, buses, trolley-subways, taxis, jitneys into the city, and as you walk to your workplace, mall, store, church, restaurant, service station, bank, hairdresser or barbershop, or other appointments. Here are some suggestions to enrich your city with "waves of prayer" as you travel into the city and do your activities:

Saturating The City With Praise

Blessing The City With God's Goodness

Welcoming God’s Presence and Working In The City

Father, we welcome You in the schools of the city today, to care for every child, teacher and administrator.

Jesus, we welcome you today in the restaurants of the city, to build harmony and friendships among those who prepare and serve the food, and those who eat there.

Holy Spirit, we welcome you and the TV and radio stations, to pour forth your love, joy, peace, wisdom, care to all.

Praying Supplications- Prayers For God’s Help- For The City

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Published by Ernie Frederick Copyright @ 2013