Daily Prayer Guide: Day 20

Praying for Your City’s Widows and Orphans

Your city and its suburban and rural communities have many single parent families with children. Many are created by divorce, separation and abandonment, more than by death. Most are female headed households. Serious struggles and difficult circumstances surround most of these families. Most have critical financial needs. Many are complicated by emotional scars and unstructured living styles. God has special compassion and deep concern for “widows and orphans.” In fact, He expresses His Father heart to His people in this way, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress . . . (James 1:27). And in the early Christian church the ministry of deacons was created to care for distribution of food to widows who were being overlooked (Acts 6:1). The Apostle Paul gave Timothy special instructions for provision and caring for widows, as well as responsibilities of these widows (I Timothy 5). Let’s PRAY then for God’s purposes in caring for “widows and orphans” in your city:


Human Service Agencies



Pray for God’s working in the lives and families of single parents and their children whom you know personally 


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Published by Ernie Frederick Copyright @ 2013