Daily Prayer Guide: Day 24

Praying for Your City’s Elderly

Undoubtedly your city has a large communities of seniors and elderly adults. Some are infirm and in institutional care. Some are homebound or shut-in, and in the care of their families. Others are active and mobile in their communities - still visiting, shopping, banking, volunteering and some working. There are many vital government and community agencies serving these seniors. God is the Everlasting Father and has a plan for all people as long as they are living. His definite command for children to honor their fathers and mothers is meant to be a life long commitment. And God wants His church family to have continuing care for seniors and the elderly. There is a critical need to help the elderly who no longer have active participation in church fellowship. They especially need prayer and Scripture confirmation of assurance of heaven, if they put their trust in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Let’s PRAY then for God to work His purposes in His people, and for helping seniors and the elderly in your city’s communities:

Local Churches

Community Service Agencies



Cover Design by Vernon Franklin, Scripture quotations are from various translations
Published by Ernie Frederick Copyright @ 2013