Daily Prayer Guide: Day 27

Praying for Prisoners and Their Families

Prison populations grow when the people of God are not reaching troubled youth, adults and their families with the life transforming Gospel of God’s love in the “hoods” (neighborhoods) and “on the streets.” There is much timidity and outright fear of criminal people, instead of “power, love and healthy thinking” (II Timothy 1:7). It takes God’s unconditional, tough LOVE to come alongside needy, evil-acting people. It takes God’s supernatural saving POWER to rescue people out of lawless lifestyles. It takes the Holy Spirit empowered, servant mind of Christ to activate and implement SOUND SOLUTIONS for helpless-hopelessness and life-habit lawlessness in angry, hateful, rebellious people. Your city has caring people and effective agencies who are at work in redemptive ways to address the needs and complexities of those who have been prisoners of oppressive environments, captives of unhealthy life choices, and have had no rule of God in their lives. Let’s PRAY then for God to work His purposes in lives and families of those in prisons in your city:

Ministries to Prisoners and Their Families

Agencies for Adult Prisoners

Juvenile Prisoners

Pray to the Lord of the Harvest to raise up workers and strengthen the agencies who are helping prisoners. 


Cover Design by Vernon Franklin, Scripture quotations are from various translations
Published by Ernie Frederick Copyright @ 2013