Daily Prayer Guide: Day 29

Praying for Your City’s Destiny

Your city has been gifted and guided by God with a special identity and destiny. By its location, with its natural resources, through its families and peoples, God has sovereignly shaped the city over the decades and centuries. Gifted government leaders, inventive industrialists, creative artists, innovative entrepreneurs have contributed richly to the city’s personhood and character. As a result your city provides a climate and seedbed for growth and development of certain virtues and skills for those who live there, and for those who come to study and work there. As you PRAY then for your city’s destiny, recognize that God has given the city certain characteristics and a special place in His eternal purposes. PRAY for your city’s destiny growth for:

The Birthings and Beginnings of Your City

The Strengths of Your City – a Role Model for Other Cities

The Sins of Your City – Hindering God’s Plan and Destiny

The Productivity of Your City – for Investing in Other Cities


Cover Design by Vernon Franklin, Scripture quotations are from various translations
Published by Ernie Frederick Copyright @ 2013