Daily Prayer Guide: Day 5

Praying for Schools in Your City

There may be more Humpty-Dumpty-hand-wringing-hopelessness about the problems in schools than possibly any other part of your city’s institutions. “All the kings horses (technical expertise) and all the king’s men (human resourcefulness)” can’t seem to salvage many of these egg-shattered school situations. In the Bible we are exhorted to pray (1) Supplications, (2) Prayers, (3) Intercessions, (4) Thanksgivings for ALL people (I Timothy 2:1) These are our foundations for praying for school personnel and school functions. As you saturate the Schools of your city with prayer, PRAY:

Supplications – plead-the-NEED for God’s supernatural HELP

• Praying what school board members NEED from God • Praying what school administrators NEED from God

• Praying what teachers NEED from God

• Praying what counselors and social workers NEED from God

• Praying what students NEED from God

• Praying what parents and family caretakers NEED from God

Prayers – for the PURPOSES of GOD for the schools

• Pray God’s purposes for classes

• Pray God’s purposes for quizzes and exams

• Pray God’s purposes for homework

• Pray God’s purposes for language study, math, literature, science, phys ed., home ec., arts and music, study time

• Pray God’s purposes for cafeterias, gymnasiums, libraries

Welcoming God’s PRESENCE and WORKING in the schools

• Welcoming the Presence and Working of God the Father as Creator, Maker, Owner, Protector, Provider, Most High

• Welcoming the Presence and Working of God the Son as Savior, Redeemer, Teacher, Good Shepherd, Lord

• Welcoming the Presence and Working of the Holy Spirit as Encourager, Illuminator, Guide, Uniter, Convincer of sin

Affirming God’s KINGDOM AUTHORITY over forces of evil

• Declaring God’s ownership plan for the school (Psa. 24:1)

• Inviting God’s Kingship rule and righteous will (Matt. 6:9-10)

• Affirming God’s word: evil shall not rule the school (Psa.125:3)

• Daily “silencing” the powers of evil in the school (Psa. 101:8)


For school board, administrators, teachers, aids, social workers, cafeteria staff, custodians, parents, students

Ask God to form a 3-fold prayer cordon of pray-ers around the schools of your city: (1) school personnel, (2) parents and neighbors, (3) pastors – the spiritual gatekeepers – in the communities where schools are located.


Cover Design by Vernon Franklin, Scripture quotations are from various translations
Published by Ernie Frederick Copyright @ 2013