The Twelve Crucial Ingredients Of The Small Group

  1. We accept one another as we are.
  2. We share our struggles, successes, joys, and pains.
  3. We are honest. We set free the "real me" hidden behind the masks we accumulate.
  4. We listen with every ounce of energy we have whenever someone else is speaking.
  5. We never criticize or condemn what others share.
  6. We never give unsolicited advice.
  7. We gather to care, not to cure. God does the curing.
  8. We share in our own words. We share experiences.
  9. We trust one another completely. Everything we share is always confidential.
  10. We are free to remain silent, if we wish.
  11. We keep the discussion informal and natural.
  12. We encourage one another to ministry beyond the group.