Providing a time and a space for people in the marketplace to gather, grow, and be heard in western Pennsylvania.

The Pittsburgh Experiment (PX) serves the people and corporations of Western Pennsylvania by starting small groups that provide a time and space where people can enjoy a bit of respite during their busy work week, find a listening ear, and develop positive relationships with others in the work force.  We currently have groups meeting across the region with bankers, lawyers, techies, business owners, and others involved.  We also engage young professionals who want to be mentored and retired people looking to give back.



We had a fantastic PX Young Professionals event at PNC Park on June 22 . Pittsburgh’s future is beautiful with young men and women like these folks! Twenty of us enjoyed a beautiful day with a great tailgate and a Pirate victory. One of our group even got a foul ball! Friendships deepened and new ones begun!

Are you a 20 or 30 something year old in western PA? Looking for a group of people to talk with, grow with and play with? PXYP are the people and the place for you!



To Be “Great”

I hear a lot of people who express their desire to be successful. To have a position of leadership at work. To be "great." They have a vision of being at the top of the hill. Are we aiming at the wrong goal?

Legendary men's basketball coach at UCLA, John Wooden, coined the phrase, "competitive greatness”. . . Read more