The Pittsburgh Experiment (PX) serves the people and corporations of Western Pennsylvania by starting small groups that provide a time and space where people can enjoy a bit of respite during their busy work week, find a listening ear, and develop positive relationships with others in the work force.  We currently have groups meeting across the region with bankers, lawyers, techies, business owners, and others involved.  We also engage young professionals who want to be mentored and retired people looking to give back.


What are some other reasons people get involved in a group?  They are looking for a place:

•         Where people can come together in the framework of their vocational day to receive support and enabling power to work through the personal problems of the business and work scene and other involvements.


•         Where the building of close and deep relationships can take place. (maybe for the first time for some)


•         Where a person can begin to see that he or she is not alone. Through the group sharing, it is discovered that others in the group are either where the individual is in needs or circumstances or that they have been there.


Depending on a person’s desire, the PX has specific groups that will specifically explore issues of faith for people who want to explore that:


 • Where a person can get in touch with his or her need, and where the tools can be obtained to sort out what the need is.


• Where a person can discover who he or she is and experiment with new steps in growth both spiritually and personally.


• Where an individual can gain understanding regarding what is happening to him or her spiritually or personally.


 "People change significantly when they have the opportunity to have a group experience and share feelings and discuss problems in an atmosphere where they feel empathetically understood and warmly accepted."  We'd spend all our money to be in a fellowship like that.  And then we would change!  We're desperate to be loved like that.